Tuesday, February 12, 2013

David Murphy Makes a Classic Mistake

David Murphy wrote what appears, on the surface, to be an seemingly legitimate piece this morning concerning the general phenomenon of athletes and the expectations they set. You can make the connection-- the ego involved in achieving rank is precisely that which clouds judgments on the path to battle, etc.

Where it fails, however, is with the introduction of Roy Halladay to the discussion.

Photo: Yong Kim, Philly.com; Your Face: Broken

Chances are, Roy Halladay will answer with a mixture of stoicism and confidence, the way he always answers questions, the way most elite athletes answer them. He will label himself a stronger, healthier, smarter pitcher than he was 1 year ago, when the man who took the mound every 5 days looked nothing like the man who did so in his first two seasons with the Phillies.
Chances are that after the news conference the fan base will feel reassured, and the media will feel convinced that 2012 was an anomaly instead of the inevitable changing of inertia in a 35-year-old pitcher's career. Halladay has that ability, a fatherly presence that exudes a reassuring sense that everything is going to be all right.
Yet, one need only look to last year for a reminder that words do not always predict actions...

Now I'm not saying we should discount Murphy entirely, but I do tend to think him a methodically sinister scum pig for doubting the honesty, self awareness, diagnostic capabilities, and medical expertise of Roy Halladay. So, in short, avoid him like the plague.

In my totally unbiased opinion, you donkeys should totally look to Ryan Lawrence for your Phillies analysis. His writing's crisp, he's fair ... oh and he shows Roy Halladay ZWR posts!!!


Handy Reminder Guide
David Murphy = Sinister Scum Pig
Ryan Lawrence = Lovable ZWR Fanboy


  1. When I first heard that Roy saw some of your bolg posts, I cheered as loud as the time Stairs hit that pinch-hit HR in LA.

  2. What I would give to see/hear his reaction to them! He's gotta love them and be flattered!

  3. ZOMG!!! Dream come true : Roy reading the best bolg on the planet!


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