Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Halladay gets some work in during ‘lethargic’ spring start [PHILLY.COM]

Roy had a bit of a rough day yesterday, but don't worry, all is explained in my new, in-depth piece for

Click here to go read it in all of its glorious entirety.

LETHARGY: it's the word of the day. My column:
Said Halladay after the game: "I just felt lethargic. But you know, that was kind of the point today. I was really working on some things as we all do during spring training. Today was all about my lethargy -- well, Dubee calls it the ‘L-Bomb’ -- but I call it my lethargy ball. It’s kind of like a telegraphed changeup in the middle of the plate. I modeled it after an early [Kyle] Kendrick sinker, but don’t tell him I said that.”


  1. I wish I bought stock in the word "Lethargic" on Monday. I'd be rich.

  2. Man, people on do not get it. Also they keep calling for "fiction" to be taken off of

    Y'know, the website that isn't a newspaper??

  3. I was feeling lethargic at work today which was especially unusual considering I had the day off.

  4. I've got a man crush on Roy and a certain penguin.


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