Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happy One of the Five Best Days of the Year!

I don't have the energy or wherewithal to rank them, but "Thursdsay of the Tournament" is right up there with Christmas Eve, Thanksgiving, Opening Day, and my birthday in the Awesomest Times Eleventy rankings. And this year we head into it with the added excitement of a Big Five team already having won a tourney game last night-- way to go, La Salle!

So, to all of the donkeys playing hooky from work, cutting class, recovering from vasectomies (no for real this is a thing), road-tripping with no hotel or tickets, streaming games on their phones, muting their desk line and watching during conference calls, "working from home" (lolololol), and/or accidentally getting a bit too tipsy during their lunch break I say ... ENJOY!

No for serious 1990 UNLV was the coolest team ever case closed

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