Monday, March 25, 2013

So Roy Halladay Talked Long and Hard About His Start The Other Day, 3.23.13 v. Minor League Scrubs Zolecki

Roy pitched against some minor leaguers the other day (Bolg nemesis and fried dough welcher Todd Zolecki has the full deets here) and, besides the fact that he wasn't really on point and his velocity was still hanging low and his pitches didn't move all that much and he was still looking a bit bony from his stomach bug, he did talk--AT LENGTH--about his performance.

Quoth the Roy: 
"Just working on the consistency on my lower half...

I felt strong and felt like the stamina was there.

I felt like at least I felt a grip that was more comfortable and a release... that was more comfortable was a lot easier to get in same spot consistently.

I feel like physically, I’m ready.

It’s really hard...

...find out where I can and can’t go, what I can and can’t do.

I feel like I can repeat it easier.

I feel like I can repeat it nice and fluid. And it’s coming out of there easy. 

The older you get, unfortunately, you don’t always have the ability to go harder, harder, harder.

Change your spots, change your location.

...trying to go as hard as we could, as much as we could

...that’s gonna be important for me during the season — to be able to go hard and soft"

Whoa, is it me or is suddenly hot in here?

Give me a minute, I need to go take this cardigan off and gather my thoughts. I'm not sure what just happened.

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  1. "I thought I was going to be a little wobbly leg-wise "
    "my arm slot was repeating"
    [Fanning self] Oh mah, the vapahs!


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