Tuesday, March 26, 2013

This Cat May Or May Not Look Just Like John Kruk

One of the Holy Butt tattoo girls tweeted this to me a picture of her cat the other day and it made me die of laughter because:

(a) I'm an idiot
(b) that's a grumpy-looking cat wearing a helmet sundae helmet
(c) she says he looks like John Kruk and I'm not quite sure if that's a joke or the joke or just a funny line, or if maybe altered states of consciousness were at play.

REGARDLESS, look at him! John Kruk Cat (nee "Dozer") MUST become a celebrity:

Naturally, this led to...

More after the jumparoo.


  1. I AM SO GLAD THIS HAPPENED. Adopting Dozer was the best thing I've done. - Holybutt Tattoo Girl

  2. I'm SO GLAD you adopted him! I'm so pround he's a meme now. -Dozer's previous foster mom who has other stupid matching tattoos with those three dweebs

  3. I'm so glad Dozer has dandruff and smells like cheese.
    -Holy Butt Tattoo Dude (roommate of Holy Butt Tattoo Girl)

  4. I'm so GLAD Dozer pooped in my cereal box this morning.
    -Holy Butt Cereal Eating Dude


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