Saturday, March 16, 2013

We're Better Than This

I'm going a little outside of my depth here, and I realize there are (bad) donkey fans everywhere, but there's no excusing this:

A kid, at last night Flyers/Devils game with his dad. According to his Twitter:

A note to the violent idiots who make it hard for kind, intelligent, fun, family-oriented Philadelphia fans: Stop being idiots.


  1. Ugh, I hate having to be ashamed of being a fan of teams that I love and a city that I grew up in. Can't we just enjoy our sports? If we have to fight other fans, let's do it the way god intended- by Twitter arguments and hilarious photoshops of David Wright's giant helmet/Marc-Andre Fleury letting a beach ball past him.

  2. The more I think about it, the more I wanna move to Mars.

  3. Gotta comment against the grain; hockey is a violent sport and violence can beget violence. Yes; we should be able to enjoy our sports free of mayhem but we pay money to watch maatches on ice and secretly hope for fist brawls and team scraps but human ape nature precludes us for spectators to follow suit and give us beer to match so how can't you expect it not to spill over into the stands and have idiot act like morons and physically hurt one another. My advice is wear PPAs.

    1. You are a jerk anonymous.

    2. There should be a screening procedure at the box office for people like yourself

    3. I am a pacifist so that wouldn't be necessary.

    4. Every competition is in part violence. We hope one team beats another. Even the most benign competition requires someone to be less successful than someone else.

      By your definition, since all violence is abhorrent, and competition is inherently violent on some level we should then just all sit around all day and mindlessly perform tasks to keep ourselves going without the hope of advancement, since any positive I achieve from anyone may negatively take away an opportunity from someone else, or I may use up a resource that could be used to benefit others.

      Now, no one is saying that the violence in the stands is anything but horrible and inexcusable. Hell, I don't particularly like the fights in hockey, since fighting is usually a sign of another weakness somewhere else on the ice.

      However, to flat out say that hockey is a horrible sport is just stupid. You can dislike Baseball when pitchers bean other players, NASCAR for the accidents, and football for the big blindside hits on quarterbacks. Heck, soccer has just as many dirty plays and slide tackles with cleats up. But each sport has violence, and this high level competition is a natural outgrowth of our desire to achieve.

      The key is to leave it on the field/court/ice/pitch. Don't blame the hockey players for idiots in the stands. Those idiots deserve to be caught and locked up. But competition is competition. Without it, we'd just be sitting around a fire, waiting for someone to come back with the results of tonight's hunt.

    5. You are absolutely correct, keep the violence on the ice.
      We should be able to buy tickets and sit in the stands and expect to be safe, unfortunately in this day and age this isn't so.

    6. Competition is violence? What are you smoking.

      Yes, keep the stuff on the field, ice, etc... but it is not violent. There are many sports not violent - it's the people involved who end up being violent (baseball? yea, that's very violent. Chess is also a competition). Just cause we use to term "beat" as in "defeat" or "win over", it does not mean it is violent.

      the problem is inherently with certain types of people, and certain types of people shouldn't imbibe products that alter perception and actions - alcohol, not LSD, even though i hear LSD is pretty kicking. Just as well, these certain people also shouldn't associate with other human beings, but that's getting elitist no matter how true.

      I hope those guys were detained and are sued the eff over.

      And the original anon commenter is a damn idiot. How can so many people watch a hockey game and if it spills into the fans, not have at least 100 broken noses because, hell i have to punch something. You're also what's wrong with society because you think this is acceptable. Go back to school you whacko.

    7. I never said violence was acceptable; I implied violence is to be expected when you mix alcohol with fans in a high octane sporting event. Now let me study for my exams!

  4. Hear, hear, ZWR.


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