Tuesday, March 12, 2013

ZWR Breaking News from the Papal Conclave

ZWR sources at the Vatican were able to capture this stunning image below (Note: NOT photoshopped), which some are indicating may reveal a clue as to who the next pope of the Catholic Church may be.

Experts and observers are confused however as to the potential ramifications of a non-practicing-former-Mormon from Colorado being named the new Bishop of Rome.

Stay tuned for updates or confirmations... we are working this story very hard.

So Catechismed


  1. Mea pope-a, mea pope-a, mea maxima pope-a.

  2. That just might get me back to church!

  3. Given Doc's outing today, I think we should all pray.

  4. All Phaith in Pope Leroy I, we bow to the almighty hurler of fireballs from the mound of immortals past but not present for he alone will bestow fear in the fools who step in the box and dare challenge him with bats and blue blood to run red from smashed face and it will be done.


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