Sunday, March 17, 2013

ZWR In the Wild; Three Donkeys with "Holy Butt" Tattoos

Happy hangover, Shamrockface! Here's some ZWR in the Wild for you... try not to puke on it.

zOMG Friends & Family up in this piece CLEARWOODER 13 IN THE HOUSE !!!!!!!!

(Back Row, from left to right: Awesome, Awesome, Papa Awesome, Mama Awesome, Lil Awesome, Awesome, Awesome Jr., Mrs. Awesome, Awesome, Awesome. Front Row: Wee Awesome, Mrs Stupendous, Shades McGee, Cutie Pie)

Lou (I guess that's his name) lou-king (sorry) happy at Bright House with a distinguished gentleman:

So great- thanks guys!

Mia snapped a pic of this handsome devil at the bar looking goooooooooooooood (I know they probably know each other, but it's way cooler to imagine one ZWR enthusiast spotting another by surprise so we're going with that):

"Hey good lookin', is this seat tookin'?"

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Holy Butt

@ourdesign, @cllndlln, and @40DegreeDay are three friends who decided to take a road trip to Clearwooder for some spring training and all the fun that goes with it. But baseball, sunshine, and a general lack of responsibility weren't enough for these colossal donkeys. NOPE. They figured it best to commemorate the trip with "Holy Butt" tattoos. Yup.

Wait for it.






Wait a second? Are there like 19 filthy sexual double entendres in those? No, can't be.  We better move that talk to #ZWRAFTERDARK... this is a family bolg. 


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