Saturday, March 9, 2013

ZWR in the Wild

Hey, it's Saturday! Here are people in ZWR shirts! Do you like exclamation points?!  (!!!)

Cynthia says "hi" and looks very nice AWWWW YEAH

THE MUZZ looks intense and his shirt is very slim-fitting but that's okay:

Q: "zOMG those are awesome where can I get twelve?"
A: HERE!!!

Q: "Oh sweet thanks. Any current deals running that expire on March 11th?"
A: Glad you asked! Use the code SPRINGTIME to get 15% off. That's with no minimum order, either.

Q: "That's great and all but it still works if I order like 27 shirts?
A: Oh, yeah, of course.

Q: "And I'm like guaranteed to impress the ladies in one of these jawns, right ZWR?"
A: Duh.

Q: "Cool!"
A: Ainoesrite?

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