Saturday, March 23, 2013

ZWR in the Wild

Good morning, donkeys! Let's check out some fine folks in fashion-forward ZWR attire. Then, after that, you should probably go get a scone.

James and Nick. No idea which one is which. I assume beardface is Nick. "Hey, Nicky Beardface, run over to Gina's and get some gabagool for the thing tonight! Yeah sure, bring Jimmy Tight Polo wit' you." 

thanks to @chapmanboom for pic

 Nate being very colorful in center field:

Pete at a bachelor party (Also pictured, some guy in a snug tank top):

Steve is basically the best father and husband ever.  He bought these for the whole family for opening day. Mrs. Steve, you better make this man a stromboli tonight.

YAY A GIRL! With beer! And a fluffy dog!!!! Editor's Note: More girl pics please (no offense mediocre white guys I still love you too)

ZWR staff biographer and bestest writer ever Jen Miller also being a lady in a Hi shirt!



  1. Congrats on correctly identifying Nicky Beardface

  2. Good to see my buddies, Nicky Beardface and Jimmy "James" Tight Polo, surviving their vacation/spring training.

  3. Nicky Beardface, he of the smug smile. Also, he's a huge fan of spraying hoses, which explains the timing (and background) of the photo.

    1. Act like you didn't want to be a fireman when you were a kid. I remember when you still had dreams...


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