Thursday, March 14, 2013

ZWR LethargyGate Exclusive!

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You'd have had to have been very lethargic the past few days to not take note of (or become annoyed by) the focus on lethargy re: one Harry Leroy Halladay. In short, everyone's pooping themselves over his start on Tuesday. ZOINKS.

Being the true journalist that I am, I got to the bottom of things yesterday in my investigative exclusive (don't listen to that one mouth-breather in the comments, that article was NOT fiction). Well, I didn't stop there-- I got to the bottomer.

While hanging around the locker room holding my iPhone in the air pretending to record key quotes for future stories I'll publish in the name of journalism on the web portal a major US media market's legacy newspapers, I noticed something over by Roy's palacial spring training locker stall...


Fist bump to @treblaw 

Finally, confirmation that HLHIII totally committed to the lethargy this week. The guy is as focused as ever, folks. No need to worry. 2013 is going to be special.


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