Friday, March 22, 2013

ZWR NCAA Tourney: Friday Preview

Hey there, hoopsters, the penguin's here to deliver some hard-hitting analysis on today's tourney games involving our beloved city schools. I hope this FULL-COURT PRESS of insight leads to the perfectly executed BOUNCE PASS of information that allows you to TAKE IT TO THE RIM and SLAM DUNK your hoops fix (be it of the gaming or intellectual variety), leading to the ONE SHINING MOMENT you deserve.

La Salle v. Kansas State

La Salle has Tyrone Garland and, if you've been following my tweets religiously since Wednesday night (I know you have), you already know he's the break-out star of this whole deal. Throw in the fact that the Explorers are the riding emotional high of their smack down of Boise State, pair that with the thrill of getting out of the state of Ohio, and factor in that their opponent wears purple uniforms and probably had to cheat just to fake eligibility and this one looks like a cake walk for our boys. Oh and yeah I know the game's in Kansas City and it may be hostile. These kids go to school in Olney, you think they're not used to hostile territory?!?! La Salle 81, KSU 63.

Villanova v. UNC

Hey remember that time these guys played in the Sweet 16 and Nova didn't have Curtis Sumpter because he just got hurt and Kyle Lowry fouled fat Ray Felton out in about 25 minutes and Allan Ray hit a drive for a three point play and after the ref realized what he had done to the school everyone jocks he stood there like a deer in the headlights and after a few seconds invented a travel call and the entire Carrier Dome lost it's poop and booooooooed like crazy and the entire world knew Nova got screwed but Jay Wright handled it with class because that's just the type of person he is? Stunked. Tonight, the Cats get revenge: Villanova 94, UNC 57. Don't worry Tar Heels fans, you always have the Heat's current run and then looking forward to the Yankees and Cowboys seasons to help you get over this.

Temple v. NC State

Temple is gritty, as always, and I love Khalif Wyatt's ugly old man game. He reminds me a lot of Scottie Reynolds-- you look up in the second half and think, "Holy crap that guy has 23 points? Doesn't make sense to look at him, but it makes total sense because he does it every game." Also, they have a guy named Scootie. NC State can eat a butt for all I care, they're just some donkey ACC team with a bunch of stud recruits that look the part but none of whom can handle the UGLY Wyatt and Scootie's bringing their way (not to mention that big white guy and his threes). Temple 58, NC State 32.

BONUS: Here's the Motown Philly video!


  1. LOL....every cowboy fan or yankee fan i know is also a UNC fan...SMH

    A friend from college was:
    49ers fan
    Bulls fan
    UNC fan
    Rod Sox fan.... we arnt friends anymore

  2. Don Carman is a proud FGCU alum!


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