Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Michael Brantley Talks About Facing Roy Halladay

ZWR correspondent Dennis Deitch sat down on Tuesday morning with Indians outfielder Michael Brantley to discuss a host of topics. When asked his thoughts on facing Roy Halladay, the young left-handed slugger was quite frank:
THE THOUGHTS that rain their steady glow
Like stars on life’s cold sea,
Which others know, or say they know—
They never shone for me.

Thoughts light, like gleams, my spirit’s sky,
But they will not remain.
They light me once, they hurry by,
And never come again.
Thanks Michael and Dennis!


  1. if to despise
    The barren optimistic sophistries
    Of comfortable moles, whom what they do
    Teaches the limit of the just and true--
    And for such doing have no need of eyes:
    If sadness at teh long heart-wasting show
    Wherein earth's great ones are disquieted:
    If thoughts, not idle, while before me flow
    The armies of the homeless and unfed:--
    If these are yours, if this is what you are,
    Then am I yours, and what you feel, I share.


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