Tuesday, April 2, 2013

One Sentence Recap - 4/1/13 at Braves

Welcome to a new season of Phillies baseball and bolging! And welcome to the newest feature of ZWR, in which I will attempt to provide a game recap of all 162 (+!) games this season in the form of one (possibly run-on) sentence. Think of it as beat writing for dummies! Okay, here's the first one! See you after game number two.
"Upton, is he new?" wondered the Braves fan seated in the third row behind home plate who played with his iPhone until the seventh inning stretch, at which point he headed for the parking lot, "in order to beat the traffic."

AP photo


  1. After shopping in KOP Modell's today, which has a BEN REVERE shirt in the window, my wife, while watching the Phillies game, asked "who's Revere?". I shook my head, and answered - "we traded Vance Worley for him, he's the new center fielder"

  2. Trying to find some way to explain the Braves hitting ability, Franzke said to Andersen, "Well, you know this team has two Uptons and two Johnsons," and Andersen suppressed a giggle for the rest of the inning.

  3. They're in mid-season form. [Franzke and LA I mean]


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