Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pawtucket Minor League Announcer Says Phillies Are Behind the Times

I'm by no means a sabremetrician, and this bolg doesn't really exist to discuss serious, "real" topics about the Philadelphia Phillies.

HOWEVER, when your favorite baseball team's mode of operation is so widely regarded as being outdated that even opposing minor league announcers are openly commenting on it, and when your major league team is near the bottom of the league in most offensive categories, AND said team just forced you to watch nine straight innings in which they didn't score a run, it tends to grab your attention.

Here's Steve Hyder of the Pawsox Radio Network:

Thanks to @MisterTug, formerly of the glory known as, for the YouTube video, via his blog Trust me, you guys should all follow him on Twitter and in general stay up-to-date with what this guy is doing. OKAY?


  1. More like PawSUCKit

  2. sick burn, steve

  3. I wasn't overly impressed with what Rube did this year. I like the name Ruin Tomorrow Sooner.

  4. RIP

    Seriously though, the whole organization is behind the times and it's going to cost us until we clean house. Ok, done being serious.

  5. See here's the thing, even if we do decide to "clean house" it seems like we'll still be pretty much screwed. All that needs to happen for another Ryan Howard contract is for some random player to catch fire in August and September, and RAJ and the gang will assume he'll play like that for the next 5 years for $150 million a pop. Its not really starting a new conversation to say that RAJ needs the boot, but Jesus, how can this organization not see teams like Tampa Bay constantly competing without the absurd amount of money the Phils currently have. Constantly paranoid about the Phillies future, lets get some nerds on board!


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