Monday, April 29, 2013

Roy Halladay is Pretty Much Set to Dominate the Rest of the Way

Noted bet welcher and all-around bad guy Todd Zolecki has a pretty incredible article up on, in which Roy Halladay offers some encouraging insights into his face-breaking performances of late, and talks about the Mental ABC's of the game.

Check these nuggets from Doc and try to act like your Monday wasn't just made.
"I think coming out of Spring Training, having short outings, having some poor outings, coming back wanting to prove that I was healthy, my focus wasn't on making pitches. My focus was on trying to prove something that necessarily didn't need to be proven." 
Way to go, the media. You guys are idiots.
"So I just tried to re-adjust and get back to having my focus on singular pitches and working counts and simplifying. That has always been my bread and butter, and for some reason, I got away from that."
 Roy's dialed in.

Oh, and Chooch is back.

"I feel good," Halladay said. "I think that there's always things to improve on. Obviously, getting ahead. The cutter has been getting better each time out. It's been a little more consistent each time out, so that's been good. Everything else is coming around."

/cut to Phillies wining division by 11 games and sweeping their way through the World Series. I mean, it seems like the most likely outcome after reading that, no?


 photo SOCUTTERED.gif
I'm going to post this gif in probably every post ever from now on, FYI


  1. Todd Zolecki doesn't look as much like Steve Buscemi in real life.

  2. I don't know what's better about that gif, Roy saying "So Cuttered" or HIS BIG HAPPY SMILE ZOMG


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