Monday, April 15, 2013

So Roy Halladay Pitched Yesterday

... and won his 200th career game! Of course, since he's the most focused human being (maybe?) on earth, this was his quote after the game per Ryan Lawrence:
"My sons, my wife, my family - they are all excited about it. But the ultimate goal is to get to the playoffs and win a World Series, and when that happens I'm going to go in the back room and yell."
(Original- AP)

How can you not love him? The guy's a selfless warrior, not about to celebrate a career milestone unnecessarily.

"Yeah yeah yeah we know you've got a man crush on him bro that's cool but what was the line we need to know we need to know tell us Zee Dub Arrrr cause we need to know!!!!"

*smdh* Here: 8 IP, 5 H, 1 ER, 1 BB, 2 K (1C, 2SC), 87 pitches.

"Wait what only 87 pitches?"


"Didn't he throw that many in like two innings in Atlanta?"

Shut up.

"No I mean that's great and all it just, I mean, they have Polanco and Dobbs..."

No way Roy Halladay is back that's all there is to it CONGRATULATIONS to HLHIII on win number 200 let's do this thing the 2013 season.


  1. "So Roy Halladay Pitched Today..."

    I have never been so relieved to read that title in my life!

  2. My theory was Roy was cursed to struggle for the 200 win milestone and now that he has reached 200; it's time for The Doc pt II . Lights out, strike outs, ashes faces, fear in the batters box, shaky knees, crying babies, broken bats, and World Series bound Philadelphia Phillies. Enjoy Phans!!!

  3. I hate everyone that is saying "...but it was the Marlins!!"



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