Thursday, May 9, 2013

5/8/13 vs. Giants - One Sentence Game Recap

"We lost, but I'm not too angry-- it was a spirited effort."

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  1. Or, to sum up your one-sentence recap in a lot more (me-centric) sentences: That's exactly how I felt. The fact that they came back in the 9th against Romo, who throws some pretty nasty shit, was impressive and satisfying to me. And, while a victory would have been sweet, I can live with this loss because they battled back and never gave up and now I can hope for the best as they move on to Arizona and the Dbags because they couldn't just be getting my hopes up just to smash them again by getting swept four straight in the desert, could they?

    Nahh. Never happen.

    There's probably a more pithy way of saying all of that, but I can't think of it ...


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