Thursday, May 23, 2013


It took a few months, but they found me. I don't know how, frankly. It took just the right person with just the right combination of seething, misplaced rage, low-functioning lateral thinking skills and lack of satirical detection abilities. But he found me. And for that, today we rejoice.

Behold, an email I received this morning from a gentleman, in response to yesterday's completely absurd and self-deprecating "Health Tips for Ryan Howard" article for

Enter AngryFace McGee:
Yo whoever you're hiding behind your phony name and computer. What a classless piece of garbage you conjured up today. Here's what you ought to do, go right to Howard's face and repeat this b.s. You have no clue what Ryan Howard does to with his body or puts in his body but yet you think that your wise-assed disrespectful nonsense has any validity? I guess i could have stopped at you have no clue though huh pal? I guess we can expect to read about how Chase Utley could stay on the field more and actually be productive as opposed to the myth that people like you create for him if he were to curtail his drinking right? No way. You clowns are too busy lighting candles for him and making up excuses for his poor play. Rule number one of the local media, never speak ill of golden boy Chase Utley but take every cheap shot you can at Howard and Jimmy Rollins. But I digress. Once again have the stones to say this garbage to the man's face little fella. I guess it's much esier to hide behind an alias and a computer though isn't it? You should be ashamed of yourself.
Glorious. This guy totally gets it. I may print a copy of this and mail it up the basement steps to my Mom.


  1. I guess Angryface McGee isn't a phony name.

  2. ehhhhh, not really hate mail. More like greatly displeased mail. On the right track though...

  3. Wait - I thought it was Pat Burrell who could have played better if he went drinking less.

  4. Please don't use pictures of me without permission

  5. I love you, Penguin. But not as much as I love Roy Halladay, which is as it should be.


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