Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Health Tips for Ryan Howard

In my ongoing effort to enrage the commentors on, I wrote this article for the good people over at today. Go ahead, give it a read. But in case you're too lazy to click the link from two sentences ago or click this link here, I went ahead and gave you a little snippet:


This is key. We have this fitness center in my office that I’ve been taking advantage of recently. I imagine the Phillies have some elliptical machines? If so, jump on one. My favorite course is “Hills Interval”. Man, that thing gets the blood flowing. And you’re moving your arms while getting a good burn on the lower half. This might even help that knee and Achilles out, in addition to cutting some poundage. I’ve dropped two pounds since the beginning of May and I feel great. Twenty-five minutes on one of those bad boys with a three-minute cool down and you’ll notice a big difference in no time. You’re welcome.
Thus far everyone loves it!

At least he admits that I'm a JOURNALIST.

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