Friday, May 17, 2013

I Was on @CSNPhilly's Lunch Break Again Today With @RheaHughes

I  appeared on CSN's Lunch Break again today, so you should all watch it.

Topics include: Roy Halladay (duh), The Hindendurb, John Chaney, MEDIUM BALLS, the Dietz and Watson family of fine deli meats, Rhea's shirt/accesory combination, Mike Adams being devoured by a tiger, penguin analytics, pink shirts, Roy's favorite lunch spot in Newtown Square, Me being the COO of Comcast Sportsnet soon, Chip Kelly's smoothie formula, Michael Vick and Joseph Stalin.

It was an action-packed 10 minutes and 12 seconds:

If the video doesn't display above, click here.


  1. Hindendurb? That's pretty good.

    I call him Dirtbin.

    1. Call him anything you want. Just don't call him to the mound.

  2. I would. In the dark I would.

  3. Did she grab flipper, Marc?


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