Wednesday, May 8, 2013

K. Rodney Kendrick Ain't No Prospectin' Hayseed

I RECKON you haven't yet heard.

The new sheriff has implemented a law, and that law is that the new sheriff is the law, and things 'round here are due for change. In fact, some might could say they already started to change. By appearances it would seem though some of you don't yet get it. Think your team is finished. Don't want to put in the extra work. Can't focus without the bottle or some pills. Incapable of winning without the long ball. Too busy whining about your little nixes and bruises to saddle up and patrol this here town we've run like clockwork for years.

Well I'll tell you one thing. Sheriff K. Rodney Kendrick is tired of all this, "Awww shucks my arm hurts" here, "You know like I'm too busy building playgrounds and selling purses" mumbo jumbo. It's all enough to make a man sick. And make no mistake, that's what this town needs right now. A man. I may be sending this dispatch from Frisco, but I ain't no soft, prospectin' hayseed. I'm a serious man, with serious intentions. I hope last night I made that clear.

Now there are two ways we can do this, and only one of them ends with both of us walking out of here. So which is it, partner?


  1. Can we get an Esotericko Botalico about KK please?

  2. i just checked and is available! or is there some other public attraction you'd like to visit with sheriff k?

  3. Sheriff KR Kendrick is a man of few words and he don't have no truck with guns, but he ain't afraid to take out his Bowie knife and cut an hombre. Then he'd be soooooo cuttered.

  4. I imagine AquariumWithKyle might be more fitting.


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