Friday, May 10, 2013

Roy Halladay Apologizes to Phillies Fans

Yes, that's right, the two-time Cy Young Award winner who threw a perfect game and playoff no-hitter while playing on a below-market-value contract he signed specifically for the opportunity to pitch in Philadelphia **APOLOGIZED** to the fans for getting hurt. Check Ryan Lawrence's face-breaking piece on Some choice quotes:
"So, one, I just wanted to thank them for their support. And my heart goes out to all of the people who spend all of their money and go out to the games and don't get to see what they want to see." 
"I just wanted to reach out to the fans, thank them for their support and apologize to the ones who pay the money and show up in the second inning and it's 9-0. I apologize to the fans that I won't be out there for three months ... If I paid $60 and the team was down 9-0 when I showed up, I wouldn’t like me."
Are you kidding me? This guy is once-in-a-lifetime special, and not just because of his talent. 

Thank you, Roy. 


  1. Feels...tears...and sad. But also proud that he has been ours. One of my favorites long before he donned the Phillies red. Thanks, Doc.

  2. These comments are why I absolutely adore Halladay! He is speaking from the heart and is a truly classy gentleman. As a Phillies fan, I am proud to have Roy on our team and hope he will be for years to come.

  3. If somebody took up a collection to place a full page ad in the Inky apologizing to Doc for the way the fans have treted him - making him feel as tho he had to apologize - I'd contribute to that.

    Thanks, Doc!

    And anyone who booed him can eat a bag of salty dicks.

    1. Through the miracles of Kickstarter, this could probably be arranged.

      ZWR, where is your kickstarting?!?

  4. Love you, Doc.


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