Saturday, May 11, 2013

Ruben Amaro Jr. Also Has a Message for Phillies Fans

In a dramatic follow-up to yesterday's heartfelt Roy Halladay apology, Ruben Amaro Jr. today distributed the following picture to the entirety of the Philadelphia sports media:

What could it mean? Original Photo

There was no message or body copy attached, so one can only speculate as to his intentions.

It's probably safe to assume, however, that the notoriously smug and cocksure General Manager was attempting to tell Phillies fans to "f*ck off" in response to repeated criticism of his offseason acquisitions. These acquisitions included: a light-hitting, old third-baseman who was one of the worst players in baseball last year; a swing-happy, anti-semitic, hate-crime convicted "outfielder"; a set-up man with no sensation in his pitching arm; a pitcher who once nearly ended Chase Utley's career; and a charming outfielder who unfortunately also happens to be incapable of hitting the ball out of the infield.

We'll have more details for you on this situation as it develops.


  1. Thank you!! You're spot on, as usual!

  2. I thought "The Stuffed Mushroom" was a gay bar.


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