Friday, May 17, 2013


You guys know the Eric Kratz commercials, right? That's right- the ones for Godshall's Quality Meats!  Well yesterday I poked a little fun at the Pensnylvania-rooted third generation family run meat business with this adorbs pic from the Chase Utley Casino Night:

Original Photo by ZWR staff photographer @pompomflipflop

And they, pretty much immediately, countered with this gem:

Awesome, right? There really isn't any point to this story; I just like people who "get it". So go out and buy like fifteen cases of turkey bacon and CANADIAN turkey bacon and turkroll and turkey sausage and whatever else strikes your fancy because at some point in time an employee of this fine, thriving business said, "Okay, I really need to take some time to focus and photoshop the penguin on a golf course eating turkey bacon and holding a seven iron to post on Twitter." 


  1. Holy butt!
    This actually makes me want to buy their product! Godshalls for the win!
    (You already won, ZWR, when the object of our devotion, HLHIII said "So cuttered")


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