Thursday, June 6, 2013

One Sentence Game Recap Catchup: May 29 - June 5

Okay kids I'm kind of back in the saddle here, and I needed to get these jawns logged so that when I publish the ebook at the end of the year I can be sure I've chronicled the entire season (ooooooh snap!)

May 29 v. the Red Sox
TWO DOM BOMBS helped the Phils blow up the Red Sox.

May 30 v. the Red Sox
Welcome to Earth, WAH 2.0-- the Phils lost 9-2.

May 31 v. the Brewers
Dom Brown is literally killing baseballs, but Cole Hamels may never win again.

June 1 v. the Brewers
How can he hold the ball up with his bare hand if he tug him with his glove?!?!?!?!?

June 2 v. the Brewers
Dom Brown homered, because it's a day.

June 3 v. the Marlins
The sheriff threw a complete game and Om-Day Own-Bray omered-Hay!

June 4 v. the Marlins
Bob Davidson can't hold us down we got this mermaid in the shade baby.

June 5 v. the Marlins

From Dan McQuade

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