Friday, June 7, 2013

Words With Friends: Some Friday Reading

Dude, it's a Friday afternoon in June, you're not supposed to do any work. In fact, if you are, I demand that you stop right now and go read these. Lord knows you need to brighten your afternoon, and this'll kill some time until you can leave and beer your beer with your beer.

Dan McQuade's 10 Hottest Wildwood Boardwalk T-Shirts of 2013
You probably know that Dan is a man-crush of mine; I love the guy. His annual review of the trending fashions on the Wildwood boardwalk is always something to look forward to, and this year's edition didn't disappoint. We surely have time for that.

Evan's Top Six Reasons to Keep Cliff Lee (via The 700 Level)
Yes, that Evan. From the ZWR Bachcaps. That fish cray. A sampling:
"#4 – But Evster, Trading Cliff Lee Will Free Up Lots of Money
Shut up. There’s no salary cap in baseball. Money doesn’t matter. The Phils organization makes plenty of dough already and can spend as much or as little as they choose."

Danger Guerrero's Comprehensive And Helpful Guide To USA Network’s Original Programming
Danger's awesomeness needs no introduction here. If you like great writing describing crappy TV, he's your man!

Bobby Big Wheel told everyone back in January why Tom Corbett's LOLawsuit against the NCAA was poop

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