Monday, June 24, 2013

World War P: An Oral History of the Phillies Apocalypse

With a payroll an estimated production budget approaching $200 million, the Philadelphia Phillies Brad Pitt zombie flick still managed to underwhelm many critics this weekend, despite nearly unachievable and ridiculous expectations set by the front office box office expectations.

Though some lauded the aging, punchless team film as a heroic, re-tread tire on its final journey refreshing, sober entry in the well-worn zombie canon, many fans have started to turn on the organization, some media critics jeered Ruben Amaro Jr.'s Pitt's roster construction performance as desperate, pathetic and unimaginative wooden and "act-by-the-numbers."

Ultimately, with a poor showing this weekend amidst the ash and CGI ruin of center city Philadelphia, the Phillies the film failed to gain substantial ground on its Brave and mohawked rivals--leaving fans and media members producers and fanboys alike to wonder if the first true weekend of summer 2013 truly marked the beginning of our joyless, dystopian future of the end for the zombie genre.

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  1. This was brilliant, Zoo, good job. - Brad Pitt


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