Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Between First and Second Base in South Philly Last Night - p4m

CL > Philadelphia >  personals > missed connections

You: young, strong, handsome. Me: a startled penguin. I was just watching the game, enjoying a summer evening. You sprinted toward second, and as I went aflutter with excitement- I swear- you stopped and looked at me. Maybe I'm crazy, and I know that's probably not what happened, but still...

Chooch may have thrown you out, but you still stole my heart. In that moment, you were safe.


  1. You are just weird.

  2. I'm so sick of Harper. Seeing his face every time I turn on ESPN makes me want to break numerous possessions over random foreheads.

    1. That's not apathetic behavior at all!

  3. I prefer the left of that photo.


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