Monday, July 8, 2013

Clubhouse Controversy Leads to Happy Result

As you all saw, the Phils veterans had a little fun with Jonathan Pettibone during his on-camera interview with Fox during Saturday night's broadcast. Well, the Phils brass didn't take to kindly to it. That led to a few players not being happy with the way Ruben Amaro and Charlie Manuel reacted, but frankly I could give a butt because long story short Delmon Young gave a quote that references Rudy and I got to make this picture.

Well, I guess you should see the quote (per Jordan Raanan) first:

"The rah-rah crap only works in the movies. It doesn't matter what you say. The good clubs are going to go out and win ball games."
Yes, please.
"That's maybe for 'Rudy' and a bunch of other movies. You could have rah-rahed the 2003 Tigers and they weren't going to win any more games. And you can rah-rah the '98 Yankees and they were still going to win the championship regardless because they were just that good."

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  1. I could care less who said what/where/when. As long as it gets everybody going and the team starts to win agian I'm in.


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