Saturday, July 6, 2013

Poor Jonathan Pettibone

This just happened...


  1. Hey we are 43-46! Let's celebrate and throw sunflower seeds, and stack shit on a rookie pitcher's head!....good job guys.

  2. Oh look, Reuben is posting as Anonymous.

  3. Whoa, anonymous, you donkey! Let's all mope around and worry, worry, worry and slam our bats on the ground and get tossed from games. That will show everyone how serious we are, right? Those dugout antics might have seemed childish to you, but they also spoke volumes to a rookie pitcher: he's part of this team and he has their support. I loved seeing them horse around during a tense and ugly outing! Clubhouse unity goes a long long way during seasons like this one. I'd rather not see interviews conducted during games.

  4. Haha...Sorry, maybe my post was too strong! I was just frustrated with them (for lack of a better word) "goofing off" while they were losing and having a very average year. Hopefully this does show good team unity and that translates into more wins, and a good second half of the season. I'm just a fan who wants them to win, that's all.


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