Friday, August 23, 2013

2013 ZWR Fantasy Football Primer 2013

Prior years: 2012, 2011, 2010

Oh, you've been studying the spread offense? Tell me more! You really like these young tight ends? Go on! You've watched lots of fantasy shows on NFL Network? Awesome! WAIT who did you get in the third round in your other league? I'd certainly be interested in how that transpired! Pizzas and roast pork sandwiches at the draft? I like to eat both of those, too! You follow fantasy experts on Twitter? Exciting!

I did see the different color highlighters for didn't levels of stud in your magazine... that's mighty impressive. I would like to hear your theory on just when to use a handcuff. I certainly remember the time you had Curtis Martin and Eddie George in the same backfield. Who doesn't? No, I don't know the best time to draft a kicker. Honestly, I don't know how scoring for defenses works. Can you help me with those? Do me a solid? Promise that when we go to an Eagles game in October you'll be on your phone the whole time tracking what Lamar Miller is doing against Buffalo? I mean, yes, I have Sunday Ticket, but it's not for fantasy. No for real. Seriously. I mean, I just like watching football.

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