Monday, August 19, 2013

Awesome Emma Interviews Everyone on the Red Carpet AGAIN [VIDEO]

Everyone remembers when Awesome Emma straight up owned it and interviewed a eleventyfive hundred celebrities at last year's Hamels Foundation Diamonds and Denim event. Guess what? She did it again this year! And, trust me, every single moment in this video is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

"zOMFG YES PLEASE ZWR I so need this it's Monday and I hate my job thank you thank you thank you this rules"

Photo Credit: Emma's Mom
(Note: This took place last Thursday night, so the Ryne Sandberg interview is actually kind of extra amazing) GO WATCH!!!

The Rundown:
Darin Ruf gets GRILLED, talks mascots, and ruins a joke
Cody Asche
Mike Adams talks about his favorite pitch and anxiety
Ryne Sandberg (the night before he got hired!!!) ducks a hard-hitting question
JMJ talks about catching pop-ups
Chase Utley drops a "good to see you again", Emma commends him on killing the Cubs catcher, and Utley coyly acknowledges that it wasn't totally an accident ; )
Papale says "funnest"
Frandsen talks about Easter Eggs
Kratz talks with Awesome Emma about their favorite elementary school teacher
Miss Philadelphia or something
Chris from The Bachelor and Emma asks if he still loves Emily!!!
Sarah from The Bachelor gets commended for not causing drama
Cole Hamels *swoon* (and Heidi) talk about the event

Major thanks to: Emma for being one of the best things about this site and always making me smile, G-N Kang and The Hamels Foundation for the invite, Emma's darling mom BREEZY for giving her permission, and this donkey for being the best film/audio/editing dork I know (no but for serious without him these don't happen). These make me smile, I hope they do the same for you.


  1. Awesome Emma is the best! This is precious.

  2. This made me so happy. Thanks Awesome E and ZWR <3

  3. That intro music ... yes, please.

  4. Yep, totally needed this. Her full name should be Amazing Wonderful Super-Awesome Emma.

  5. Truly the most knowledgeable sports interviews I have seen in a great while.

  6. Pfft. Like Awesome Emma isn't Miss Philadelphia now and forever.

  7. Is Awesome Emma's mom single?

  8. Only thing missing is the ZWR microphone! So needed this right now.

  9. Ben Revere didn't have to squat down!

  10. Pap comes off looking like a jerk, and Adams seemed like he was strait up getting interviewed by Bob Costas! Emma nails it!

  11. You have her locked into a contract, Zoo? ESPN is gunna be at her door within the year!

  12. So who is Emma related to that she got this gig? For real.

  13. Papelbon looks like a total tool. because he is one.

  14. Meg, she's just awesome -

  15. Because she dressed up like Buddy the Elf? (Shrugs)
    How fortunate ZWR was to have picked a little girl who had natural charisma.

  16. Nevermind! I read her Guest Post from when she won the contest (Not sure how I never read that before) and I totally get it now! She IS awesome! More kids should be like her rather than the wild donkeys we all see running loose these days.

  17. Awesome Emma is the bomb. Hamels also is the bomb for inviting her and for getting through an interview without a single "you know."


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