Friday, August 16, 2013

Eagles/Panthers Running Diary

ZWR Preseason Insider Stephane (University of Texas Class of 2017, HOOK EM) kept a running diary during last night's Eagles/Panthers tilt. I mean, why not? Enjoy!

7:30-Who the hell is that dweeb next to Baldy?

7:32-Baldy makes a good point about Cary Williams playing. Although I think he’s a bowl of fart soup, they do need to see what they have in him.

7:35-Dave Spadaro is a weird-looking dude.

7:36-Panthers unis are hot. Bring back the Kelly Green (RIP Cranekicker).

Yong Kim,

7:41-Nice pressure and contain by Kendricks/Cox there. That 2012 draft looks good.

7:41-Cary Williams always wants to fight people. Kurt Coleman-esque in that regard.

7:46-First Shady bounce of the year!! *swoons*

7:50-Chip Kelly loves WR screens more than Ron Burgandy loves Baxter.

7:54-Oh my Nick Foles what no.

7:57-Ced Thornton looking good tonight, Eagles getting stops. Odd concepts, both.

8:00-Damaris Johnson making moves!

8:02-Nick Foles backwards pump fake past the line of scrimmage dot gif


8:04-As all the analysts will tell you, you must design your defense around Nick Foles’ mobility out of the pocket.


and this, unfortunately:

8:14-According to Baldy, Kendricks should never miss an open field tackle ever. Mychal Kendricks is apparently some sort of wizard or superhero.

8:19-We should probably tether Shady to the bench the rest of the night just to be safe.

8:23-Bryce Brown’s off the hook now seeing as the fumbling is an Eagles backup RB problem, not a personal problem.

8:33-I would hope the Panthers would be able to run on the Eagles with the amount of money they've invested in their RBs and Newton…

8:35-Ray Rhodes would be proud #BendDontBreak.

8:39-Oh FFS only in Philly does the hockey team’s best player cut his wrist tendons with a broken golf club 2 months before the season

8:43-Dave Spadaro providing some cutting-edge journalism with the update on the Linc’s bag policy.

8:46-I’m happy Shady scored and all but for the love of Jeremy Maclin get him and Desean out of there.

8:48-Russ Sheppard making it HAPPEN on special teams.

8:55-You know, Mike, it’s only preseason. Wouldn’t kill you to throw it away every now and then.

8:58-How many mustache rides do you think Jim Gardner’s given in his illustrious career?


9:01-Mychal Kendricks just SHREDDING some powder.

9:05-Announcers discussing Foles’s foot speed in beating “Nick Keuchely” to the corner of the end zone.

9:07-FINAL FIRST HALF HOT TAKES: Pleasantly surprised. Front seven looks good on D and they’re getting off the field despite some pass defense struggles (Cary “Toast” Williams). On offense, same as the past couple years: offense is moving the ball between the 20s, but turnovers are an issue. 14-6 good guys going into the 2nd half.

9:11-Barkley to Ertz is the next Elway to Sharpe.

9:13-Alex Henery only misses in the preseason.

9:22-Brandon “B Easy” Boykin with a nice return. Special teams looking good. Dave Fipp stand up!

9:31-Derek Anderson throws like Todd Pinkston caught. Vinny Curry all over the place.

9:40-There’s a quarter-plus left of this?

9:55-You know it’s the 4th quarter of an Eagles preseason game on the ETN when there’s a Brian Dawkins-Earl Wolff comparison.

9:57-Jimmy Clausen is still in the NFL?

10:01-Apropros of nothing, Dennis Dixon was the truth at Oregon in 2007.

10:06-Brad Wing making Donnie Jones SWEAT.


10:13-GJ Kinne is an American hero.

10:20-Kneel downs occurring and the Birds are gonna take this one 14-9. Defense was impressive in getting off the field and preventing TDs. Shady was busting ankles as usual, and Vick and Foles both looked good. I’d give a slight edge to Vick. Don’t sleep on GJ Kinne though. Don’t ever sleep on GJ Kinne.

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