Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Five Questions with Phillies Reporters (Part Two)

Catch Part One-- where we introduce our panel and start getting to the bottom of the key issues-- here.

Question 2: What is your favorite ZWR post (I know, that’s a virtually impossible task) of all time?

Ryan Lawrence: This is a layup. It's from March of 2010. It's funny and insightful, as ZWR is meant to be.

(Also considered: the first bolg post at ZWR, when the mission was laid out; any post containing MS Paint, especially the ones with penguins and tigers).

David Murphy: No offense, but I spend so much time reading and re-reading my own craftsmanship that I really don’t have time to piddle with other people’s drivel. I’m sure you understand. I mean, look at me.

Chris Branch: Easy $$: Michael Martinez injury updates.

Todd Zolecki: Awesome Emma.

Kevin Cooney: Personally, I'm a big fan of the Awesome Emma videos. I especially love the part when she runs across players that are - how should we phrase this- not so good and she moves them along after one or two politely adorable questions. Plus, I personally wait to do all of my Christmas shopping until the ZWR Holiday Gift Guides come out. Once, I got my 85-year-old grandmother a pair of blue Nikes and a Starter Pullover coat. She looked at me like I was an idiot, then declared it to be the best Christmas ever.


  1. The Phillies as your Office Softball Team - hands down my all time favorite. We still quote it at games.

  2. D'Angelo: Where's Deitch at? ... Where's the boy, String?

    Stringer: D'Angelo, shut your mouth.

    D'Angelo: Where's Deitch? That's all I wanna know.

    Levy: Kid, you better think...

    D'Angelo: Where's Deitch? Where the fargle is Deitch? Huh? Huh? String? String? Look at me! Where the fargle is Deitch? HUH!? I don't want this Payless-wearing motherfargleer representing me. I'ma get my own man. So just get back in your car and get the fargle back down south.

    Stringer: A'ight, you stupid motherfargleer, you made your decision.

    D'Angelo: Yeah, I made my decision. Where's Deitch at? Where the fargle is Deitch? Where's Deitch, String? String! Where the fargle is Deitch? Huh? Stringer?!

  3. I know it wasn't created by ZWR, but the Phillies High when Shane moves to California will always be perfect

    1. I really miss Phillies High in general from these here pages, but I think it would've been horrifyingly depressing this year.

  4. Remember when a stuffed animal was collected for each Halladay win? I loved that.

  5. Ricky Batalico(sp) thoughts of the day are a melon heads delight.what gives? I haven't seen one in ages? The douche rules. He makes me look smarter than I really am.Bring 'em back. I miss the insights with his pure and prophetic witticisms.( thank gawd for spellcheck.)

  6. Chane? Chane? Where did Chane go? The Phillies HIgh went Chooch said bye was pulitzer worthy


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