Friday, August 30, 2013

Five Questions with Phillies Reporters (Part Five)

Part One is here.
Part Two is here.
Part Three is here.
Part Four is here. 

Thanks to Cooney, Murph, #WOOFCITY, Lawrence, and Sellecki for taking the time to examine the complicated, current state of things.

Question 5: I mean, seriously, ZWR is the best.


David Murphy: We refer back to our earlier discourse on the relative nature of being. Given the limited scope I infer from your question, I have to agree. ZWR is the best. I mean, very few bloggers have a groupie who apparently is willing to put out on command while engaging your apparent babytalk fetish (Ryan, please delete my number from your phone, thanks). Then again, if Meech ever took a timeout from polishing his Reebok Pump Shaq Attaqs and procreating, you might have some competition.

Chris Branch: Maybe is FS09 had his own bolg, then he’d be better. I’m kidding, you’re the best, I want a free t-shirt too.

Todd Zolecki: Careful, your ego is approaching Murphy levels with these questions.

Kevin Cooney: You are the best.... there's nothing else I can say. (Editor's Note: Concur)


  1. hey,rather than continually massage your ego with this inane bullshit, how about you actually do a post about roy halladay, or the phillies, or something even remotely relevant? pass this on to your pals at "the fightins" because they ain't done shit either for the last 2 months!

    1. Please contact our customer service line for a full refund: 1-800-EAT-BUTT


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