Friday, August 16, 2013

So Roy Halladay Pitched Yesterday (8.15.13 v. GCL Pirates)

Wait what, SRHPY? I know, right! Roy Halladay pitched yesterday, in a Phillies uniform, and his arm didn't fall off. WOO-HOO! It was only three months ago that he was having shoulder surgery, yet our hero is out there battling in hopes of sparking a late season surge that could propel the Phils to .500 or within striking distance of third place.


"Hey there this is a happy moment wtf"

You're right, and I am (obviously) thrilled. Imagine it, kids: A September Saturday, the crisp autumn night air-- replete with the sounds and smells of a ballpark-- kisses your face with breezes hinting of the upcoming season while those of opponents are breaking with routine on the field. HOLLA. CIDER.

"Ummm okay that sounds dope and all but what was the liiiiiine? I need to know, I need to know, tell me ZeeDubArr cuz I need to know!"

God I missed that. Let's break it into two pieces: the first five innings, which we should quantify, and then the sixth inning which was just an opportunity to toss a few more balls from a mound against what I hear is a stacked-- and raking-- Pirates GCL squad and really shouldn't contribute to any sort of evaluation of the outing. As such, five innings and only one run! Looked healthy! Arm angle was great and he felt fine. If you're playing Halladay Legend Bingo, I'll also note that he threw more pitches than planned and LOL'd a donkey coach who hinted he come out of the game. 

All in all, kids, it was a positive outing. Let's hope for a few more rehab starts that also end with HLHIII feeling fine so that we can see him back with the big club, doing real Roy Halladay things, soonly. 

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  1. I believe this qualifies him for Man of the Year 2013!!!


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