Thursday, August 22, 2013

That Moment When Awesome Emma Made Ryne Sandberg Poop Himself

I hinted at it in the original post, but last night staff videographer Gatorade Pokemon Atari emailed me a giant picture of Sandberg's face in the fateful moment and I knew it needed its own post. I'll set the scene, but keep in mind this all happened the night before Cholly got fired-- and Sandberg knew he was getting the nod:

Sandberg rolls up to Awesome E, thinks to himself "Awwww, this is cute."

Emma's first question: "Do you like being a coach for the Phillies?"

Sandberg says yes talks about how they have good players blah blah blah

Emma's second question: "Who's your favorite player?"

Sandberg goes diplomatic, he likes them all blah blah blah we all work together blah blah blah "I enjoy trying to get them to play the best baseball they can play"

Emma's third question: "I'm happy for you that you got a bigger opportunity in Philadelphia..."

/RECORD SCRATCH (click for hugeness)

"... like when you came up from Lehigh Valley..."

At which point Sandberg breathed and spent the rest of the night with nothing but worry in his mind and on his heart.

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  1. Emma totes knew! She added that last part cuz she could see the man was gunna crap himself and Cole would have kicked him out and Cole didn't know he was the knew manager yet so Emma saved everyone some awkward moments...Classic Emma.


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