Thursday, August 8, 2013

ZWR Breaking Exclusive: Phils Still Talking to Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez...

... It's just not about baseball.

"So I saw that Godfather II the other night."

"So good. Adding De Niro, my goodness."

"I love that little logo- the crucifix with the puppet strings."

"Classic, right?"

"It definitely one of my favorite movies ever."

"Not often a sequel is as good- if not better than- the original."
"There were parts in Cuba, too. Is it still like that?"

"Not really. It's, I mean, more modern now and stuff."

"We'll yeah duh of course. Totally. (laughs) My bad. The Simpsons had an episode there too."

"Hahahaha, the trillion dollar bill."

"Homer cracks me up. Such good television. You know what else is good? Breaking Bad.”

“Oh my god I love it. Well, I’m Netflixing it now and am only into the middle of the third season, but I mean COME ON.”

"The show is unreal."

"I was listening to the Fresh Air podcast the other day and they had Bob Odenkirk on. He cracks me up as Saul Goodman."

"Small world- they produce that at WHYY, right here in Philly. You could have ..."


“I know, right. Anyhow- sometimes television can be better than the movies.”

“More time to tell the story.”


“Sad it’s going to be over. Better to go out on top, right?”

“Yeah, can’t really relate to that right now.”

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