Monday, September 23, 2013

Awesome Emma Interviews Gregg Murphy (Video) !!!

As you all know by now, Awesome Emma is easily the best journalist in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. Her interviews-- whether a formal sit-down with a world-famous superstar or out on the red carpet--  are known throughout the industry for being fair yet hard-hitting.

Recently, she met with Phils reporter Gregg Murphy to cover a range of topics from the team's broadcasters to pets to Murph's charitable efforts to Harry Kalas (love you forever Harry you're the best). Check it out after the jump!


zOMG yesplz!!! "I've been pied by Awesome Emma, that is tremendous!"

Thanks to Emma for being awesome, to her mom for giving permission to do this on a school night, to GTORI for the audio/visual nerdiness (for real you're amazeballs), and to Murph for his time (and loving ZWR)!


  1. Love her! I can't even pick my favorite moment because there was just too much. (Awesome Emma, golf is boring and stupid and that's all you need to know about that.)

  2. Emma,
    Great job as always! You're the best!!!

  3. I wish the Awesome Emma rap was available to download as a ringtone. Make this happen!

    1. here's an mp3 of the rap at the end.


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