Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Stop working or watching your kid or paying attention in class or teaching a stupid class or going to the doctor for that matter everyone just STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING and read ***this article*** by the illustrious Dan McQuade right now.

Whattup Hipster?

A sampling:
When Juan Castro spun and threw to first for the final out, we had our perfect game. Roy Halladay gave us that. He gave us that a lot of nights. He made us forget that the Phillies are a team of nine strangers who happen to regularly play a stupid game in South Philly.
You hardly ever saw Roy Halladay smile. It’s funny, because he sure made Phillies fans want to.

That's craftsmanship with the written word right there, people! No wonder Bill Simmons wants to give him a Pulitzer.

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  1. Really people? Giving up so easily? The man just went through surgery.How about letting him heal and going from there. Roy, don't take notice of these weenies because many, many more of us who don't splash ourselves over the internet sports commentary know who you are and what you are. Just go somewhere quiet (back to your mountain top) to hibernate and heal. Away from these dopes. Even Superman had his Kryptonite and returned. So shall you. Have faith. Love you, Roy...


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