Thursday, September 19, 2013

Remembering Andy Reid's Greatest Moment

Andy Reid had many accomplishments as head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles: Eight NFC East titles, five NFC Championship Game appearances, an NFC Championship win, a Super Bowl appearance, drafting the franchise's most prolific quarterback, and-- generally-- establishing the Iggles as one of the NFL's most consistently formidable teams. But I'm pretty sure that THIS was the highlight of the Andy Reid era...

That's right, the November 2010 release of his "childhood" Punt, Pass, & Kick glories! That picture is perfect. Andy Ried towering over number 22, if not looking like he pooped him out. Well, it's almost perfect. Donkey Nation improved upon the footage the next day: 

Challenge the ruling, Ried!!! Read the post, darling!

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  1. im a little disappointed this isnt him and desean's chest bump but it still made me laugh


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