Monday, October 21, 2013

"Dom Brown: Villain"

Well then, it appears Dom Brown didn't exactly endear himself to Philadelphia yesterday when he trolled the city's fans mercilessly.

Listen, I don't know what to say. He has a right to root for whichever team he'd like, though I would think that a little more tact was called for. The only thing we-- as a collective-- can do in response to something like this is make silly Photoshops. That, donkeys, is what I've done.


Note: The guy giving his finger to Philadelphia can seriously go DIAF. 
Another Note: ***IF*** that is Mike Adams behind Brown in the original, he too can go screw his own face.


  1. Way overhyped by the media, unstoppable for a month or so at a time early in the season, appears to lose all ability to play towards the end of the season. Can't imagine why Dom would like a team like that.

  2. Mike Adams is actually from Corpus Christi, TX and even has a Texan accent. I don't think he can be called a fraud Cowboys fan unfortunately....


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