Tuesday, November 19, 2013

HEY YO GIRL - ZWR SHIRTS 15% OFF!!! (Plus some bonus ZWR in the Wild Action)

Oh snap! From November 19th (TODAY) through the 24th you can take 15% off everything by using the exclusive premiere executive coupon code WITHLOVE at the official ZWR T-Shirt Shop & Fashion Bodega.

Ohmygod I need ALL of those!

"But ZWR, what (besides looking amazing and winning over people's hearts obviously) are ZWR shirts good for?"

I'm glad you asked! Here are some examples, friend. 

*** ZWR shirts are great for running marathons! *** 

*** ZWR shirts are great for meeting llamas! *** 

*** ZWR shirts are great for posing in front of horses made out of baseball gloves! *** 

*** ZWR shirts are great for #selfies! *** 

*** Lastly, ZWR shirts are great for INTRODUCING YOURSELF TO THE LADIES! *** 

Yes, it has a built-in bottle opener.

So what are you waiting for, doofus?! GO NOW and use the code WITHLOVE.

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