Thursday, November 21, 2013

Ryan Lawrence Makes an Excellent Point, Ruben Amaro Jr. Replies

"The Phillies will undoubtedly add a pitcher or three within the next 2 months. A Yahoo Sports report had the Phils linked to free-agent reliever Edward Mujica, an All-Star with St. Louis last year, writing that the team could sign the 29-year-old righthander to a 3-year deal as a potential setup man.

Given the Phillies' recent history of signing veteran relievers, that's not likely the smartest way to improve the pitching staff.

If the scouts recommending Mujica are the same who recommended Mike Adams, Chad Durbin, Danys Baez and Chad Qualls, perhaps Ruben Amaro Jr. should keep his money in his wallet and refocus on adding a pitching coach who can get the most out of a herd of young relievers already on the roster."

To you, Ruben.

Pic from Crossing Broad

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