Tuesday, December 3, 2013

HIGH FIVE IT, BRO! Riley Cooper and Brent Celek Made This Route Fun.

This is amazing. Per Adam:

Dude they high-fived


  1. I vote medium high.

  2. The Eagles receivers are getting so much better. Now Foles has Jackson, Avant, Cooper, Ertz, and Celek to throw to confidently. If Maclin comes back healthy next season, you can count on Cooper, Jackson, and Maclin to be a huge threat in the endzone and for big plays.

    Jackson has the speed, Cooper has the hands, and Maclin has good route running skills.

  3. I'm not a big fan of that action between Celek and Coop as if you watch the video cafefully you can see that Celek actually loses a step on his route reaching to slap Coops hand. It could cost them next time. If i were the Coach I would tell them to cut out the antics as it is unnecessary and foolish and could cost them a TD next time.

  4. addressing anonymous comment above, that change in speed also causes the defender to react... and he can't catch up when celek re-accelerates. TD!


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