Thursday, December 5, 2013

Wil Nieves Scene Creation Kit Fan Submissions!!!

Hey there kids! Just yesterday on this here bolg (the world's foremost about wanting to go to the zoo with future Hall of Fame pitcher Roy Halladay, BTW) I introduced you to the Wil Nieves Scene Creation Kit and invited you to send along your submissions. Here's a quick example of one I made:

And here are some you donkeys came up with!

B-RAD straight killed it:

Marc attached this to an email, which I opened and then LOL'd: (I don't think that's his proper name) is basically an artist (also, thanks for introducing me to this meme):

It' WIL, dummy

Rob is fancy. He must uhave a Macbook and wear hipster glasses: 

Those ruled, right? Truth be told, I also got some spirited but pretty crappy submissions. But I love them all (I love you all, dorks and non-dorks alike) the same so they're going to get included even though there may be some interesting pixelization or you see a floor floating on top of water and Nieves has half a leg or something like that. BOOM.

Scott, you have to erase around his legs SMDH: Also, how'd you get a border on the top only? I'm confused.

Vince, my man, Wil's leg can't be in FRONT of Heidi if he's behind her. Also, OMG HIS LEGS DISAPPEARED. 

Dennis actually said in his email that this is picture of Nieves and his dog at Mike Vick's dinner table is probably too "sh*tty" for ZWR. Think again, Dennis!

Thanks to all- good and bad- who contributed! 

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  1. Wow, if ZWR says I'm an artist, then I must officially be one. Woot! My 3rd grade art teacher will be shocked. The "meme" ZWR refers to is "Scarlett Johansson Falling Down." Google it.


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