Saturday, January 11, 2014


From now until January 14, all shirts are 20% off using the code "MONEY20" at checkout. I don't know who thinks up these discount codes, but they seem like really cool people. Also, this is like the biggest discount Spreadshirt will ever give so if you ever were considering buying something from me and supporting the independent bolgers of America, NOW is the time.

As such, I declare it your official duty this weekend to click here and load up. If you missed that last link, here it is again:

Code: MONEY20 at checkout

"What did you get, Becky? I got the 'We're from Philly and we fight' in the slim-fitting American apparel. You know, to show off my new physique for the new year." "Wow, great choice, Jenny! I bought a So Cuttered--because it's Soooo Classic!" "HAHAHA" "AHEHEHE"

As always, thanks, love you.

Don't forget the code: 'MONEY20'

NOTE:shirt pictured no longer available, regrettably*

*Clapt the clap up by the fuzz

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