Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Hey there kids. The Bach brought it with two episodes this week, so Evan, Sara, and I decided to recap both and then drop this OMNIBUS BOLG POST on your big dumb faces. It even gets pretty heated in part two, when we disagree on the efficacy of Andi's ridiculousness.


Nikki’s dad is a dork - discuss
ZWR: OMG Nikki’s dad is a dork. I don’t like any father on that show who’s all, “well yeah sure you boinked a chick in the ocean last Thursday and then made out with fourteen chicks in the hot tub this weekend but I’d be thrilled if you proposed to my idiot daughter you fame whore.” Seriously, have some dignity.

Sara Circs: A dork? I guess so. In the Circs household we could conclude nothing more than that his hair screamed “I hate the gays.”

ZWR: Good point, Bazooka Mom. His hair was pretentious.

Evster: Standing up to give a toast in your own house? OMG get over yourself, dude. This isn’t Knots Landing.

ZWR: Good point, Evster. That was obnoxious.

Listen to me, kid. I will own you. I don't take crap from anybody.

Family that was most like you expected (good or bad)
ZWR: I don’t want to tread over some ground we’re going to trample in the next section, but the answer is very much Clare’s. Clare’s insane, weird, inexplicable family.

Sara Circs: Andi’s. I still don’t know how Evster knew she was Jewish, but she’s clearly Jewish, especially now that we’ve met her fam. The question is: who asks the four questions, Andi or her sis? (I’m trying to ask who was younger. I think her sister was younger. Omg everyone stop being so anti-semitic omg I’m so tired do we really have another whole episode of this tonight?)

ZWR: What four questions? What am I missing?

Evster: It’s a Jewish thing, Zoo. And it doesn’t matter. Unless you’re trying to break into Hollywood, then we could explain in greater detail. By the way, Circs, Andi’s last name is Dorfman. DORFMAN. That’s a dead giveaway that she’s a bonafide Jay Eee Dubb. For me though, Renee’s family was most like I’d expected. She and her mother could’ve been sisters!

ZWR: Well they are the same age! (BAZINGA)

“zOMG Oh My God Can You Believe That?!” moment of the ep
ZWR: Dude what the fart was up with Clare and her sister arguing about how their mom may feel? You know, when they were talking about her in the third person, directly in front of … the mom who was SITTING RIGHT THERE and not speaking. Seriously WHAT THE EFF did I just watch? Yes, it was so weird I got my laptop and started writing this answer immediately. I am so confused.

Sara Circs: Zoobs, Clare’s mom’s inexplicable silence while Clare’s sister stood menacingly in various corners of the backyard was OBVIOUSLY the most “can you believe that” mome. But since you already mentioned that, I’m gonna go with the mome when Renee awkwardly sat in her parents’ home across a coffee table from them and her son and spoke to them like she was failing at a sorority interview.
Grandma: So, Renee, did you meet Ben’s baseball coach?
Renee: Yeah...I mean, no, but like...I saw him. I definitely saw him.
(long silence)
Grandma: Oh Ben, honey, did you get those bracelets I brought to taekwondo?
Renee: Wait...what? Bracelets?
Grandma: Oh...just some bracelets he’s been into making lately.
Renee: Oh, right. Cool. Cool.
(the actor hired to play Renee’s son shifts uncomfortably, moves closer to “Grandma”)

I don’t even (fargle)ing know. Do sororities even do interviews? We rewound that scene three times to figure out if Renee was conceivably related to those people or if she was consulting them about a home mortgage.

Evster: Mine was during a commercial for Red Lobster when they showed some actual red lobsters. It’s like, I know that Red Lobs sells lobs -- and I know that lobs are normally red -- but I can’t imagine that Red Lobs actually sells red lobs. I mean, has anyone has ever actually gone to Red Lobs to get a lob? Was it red? I’ve been to Red Lobs once (for Shrimpfest®) and I got shrimp. They were terrible. Like, absolutely terrible. They were so small, and so sickly, and so delicious. If the three of us are to ever actually hang out in real life, we’re clearly going to Red Lobs together and getting food poisoning together.

ZWR: No no no let’s go to Sizzler!

Imagine you’re at the best ice cream shop on the best boardwalk ever on a wonderful summer night- what are you ordering (be specific)?
ZWR: That’s a tough one, but here it is: banana ice cream on a waffle cone with chocolate sprinkles. Man that was hard! I was torn between that and green (has to be green!) mint chocolate chip on a sugar cone. God I love ice cream.

Sara Circs: For some reason I can’t stop thinking about some kind of mango sorbet just like drowning in hot fudge. I’m not saying that’d be my pick any day of the week, but that’s where I am at this moment. Love me or leave me, fellas. (Oh god please don’t leave me.)

Evster: Okay, I’m going to try to remain calm here, but WHAT THE (EDIT THIS, ZOO!) ARE YOU GUYS TALKING ABOUT? I like banana ice cream, it’s fine, it’s perfectly fine, but if I’m at the best ice cream shop on the best boardwalk ever I’m not getting a stupid scoop of banana ice cream like my name’s Joe Boringstein. AND DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON CIRCS’ “HEY LOOK AT ME, I’M ON THE FRENCH RIVIERA” CUP OF MANGO SORBET. Circs, this isn’t Knots Landing, this is a goddamn seagull-infested boardwalk. If it were up to me (and it is), I’d order the world’s most bonkers hot fudge sundae, with coconut, vanilla and mint chocolate chip ice creams, whipped cream, five cherries, AND THE WETTEST NUTS EVER. Also, I’d jam two bananas and three mangos into the bucket (that’s right, I’m ordering mine in a bucket) just to show everyone that I’m also quite sensual.

Sara Circs: Ugh. I completely agree and completely hate myself right now. Excuse me whilst I go jump in the French Riviera. Can one of you hold my parasol?

ZWR: Yeah good idea, Evster. Make everyone sit at the table while you stuff your stupid fat face, because you couldn’t just get a cone and keep walking. No, it’s no big deal, we can all wait. I didn't want to go on the bumper cars or anything.

Best line by your spouse
ZWR: “Andi’s teeth are too short, and Clare’s teeth are too long. They should share!”

Sara Circs: (of Clare’s mom vaguely but not really trying to get a word in edgewise) “Did she say...English things?”

Evster: “This is a horrible television show.”

Best time to quit
Sara Circs: This one’s definitely debatable, but I gotta say I’ve always been partial to the traditional “while you’re ahead.” GOODNIGHT EVERYONE. GOODNIGHT.

Evster: Anytime. Literally, like, any time.

(ZWR: Get it? I didn't write anything there. Like, I quit. Probably better if I didn't explain?)


The dramatic turn… were you impressed?
Sara Circs: do I put this?

AMMAMAMAMAMAMAMMAMAMZIZIZNIZNZINZINIGNIGNGNGNGNGNG. Andi: a thousand gold doubloons to you for exposing Juan Pabs’ fraudulence and (butt)holeishness. We all knew he was full of (poop), but you put it on camera. Andi: dope as (fargle) when you told him how annoying it was that he kept saying “it’s okay” - IT TOTALLY WAS. Andi: everything you described about how he acted in your fantasy suite conversations was exactly as I imagined he’d be, and the only thing I don’t understand is why it took you so long to notice. Andi: no chance you’re ever gonna read this. The only thing I agreed with him about was that she should have said something while she was actually in the fantasy suite. It was weird that he left thinking everything was amazing and she thought it sucked. On the other hand: been there, sister! GUYS I AM TAKING THIS VERY VERY SERIOUSLY AND IT’S MAKING ME NERVOUS. This might be my favorite thing that’s ever happened on this show. So much better than him trying to nonconsensually put it in her butt!

Evster: Look, I’m all for Susan B. Anthony and Girl Power and for women to wear whatever ridiculous shorts they want, but that lady is WAY too in touch with her emotions, and ain’t nobody got time for that. Essentially, Andi came into that conversation expecting a certain reaction from Juan Pabs, and when he didn’t give it to her, she turned into Ravishing Rick RUDE.

YOU BROKE UP WITH HIM, LADY. You don’t get to decide how he’s gonna react! Juan Pabs said he was sad to see her go, but he’ll be okay, and besides, what’s he gonna do about it? I’ll tell ya what he’s gonna do: he’s gonna make a collect call to Nikki and Clare on his hotel bone-a-phone. Ring ring… Hello? BOOM. It’s in yo butt!

ZWR: Yeah, I agree with the Evster here (up until the "it's in yo butt" part). Andi didn’t really do anything but prove that she’s either a petty half-fraud or a raving lunatic. BRO, you’re on THE BACHELOR, so we already know you’re not principled. You wanted to play the “Oh I’m probably better than this but maybe just maybe I’m falling for him despite the odds HAHA no way at the last second I re-assert how smart/tough/bold I am and tell him off!!!!” card only he was like “Ummmm, okay bai” and then you get all butt-hurt that he didn’t get angry? You don't have to answer, Andi, because that's what happened. Also, Sharleen already did that move (without the rhetoric). Admit it, you just wanted to act like a hard-ass on national TV because you want to be a C-List celebrity. It’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with that. But you didn’t do anything great. SPAEK

Sara Circs: Hey guys, can you hear me yelling at you from all the way over here on Venus? Look. I don’t agree with everything Andi did or exactly how she did it. But she wasn’t telling him how to react. She was saying, “When you say ‘it’s okay’ over and over again it feels dismissive of my feelings and suggests you don’t have any feelings of your own. If you liked me enough to get me all the way to the fantasy suite then how can it just be ‘okay’ the second I say I’m done?” He’s obviously allowed to have whatever reaction he wants but SHE is allowed to have whatever reaction SHE wants, and her reaction was, “This leaves me totally frustrated and you are the world’s biggest butthead and wash that goddamned gel out of your hair.” When she said “It’s not okay” she meant “I need you to know it’s not okay WITH ME.” And it wouldn’t be okay with me either! She felt he lead her to believe he was seriously considering asking her to marry him. Then she realized he didn’t give a fuck about her. Of course she’s pissed and wants him to have some kind of response re: all the time and feelings she invested. (And when he didn’t, of course it annoyed her.) Finally, as for what she proved, you may not have thought she proved anything, but she proved to me that Juan Pablo is exactly as lame and self-absorbed as I imagined he is, and someone that would be a nightmare to be in a relationship with. PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS IF YOU ARE WITH ME, I AM A LONE WOMAN IN A MAN’S BLOGGING WORLD.

Now what?
Sara Circs: Well, first of all, next up is the best episode of the whole season: The Women Get Brazilian Blowouts. Secondly, now Andi gets to be the next Bachelorette? Thirdly, Andi gets voted mayor of the City of Atlanta? City of Atlanta, do you have anything to say about this? (City of Atlanta declines to comment at this time.)

Evster: Pretty sure my friendship with Circs is over.

ZWR: Yeah srsly I don’t get it. What did Andi accomplish? She either was the most naive donkey butt ever (“We were totally falling in love this whole season until he didn’t ask me what my political affiliation was in the fantasy suite; no, I wasn’t sucking face under a waterfall with him literally three hours before that”) for the last seven weeks or she was being duplicitous.

Winner of the ep
Sara Circs: Andi and her incredible lace shorts. Loved to watch you go, Andi.

Evster: Nikki and that hammock she rested her yong-bongs in. SHE’S NOW OBVIOUSLY MY FAVORITE.

ZWR: Juan Pabs for not taking Andi’s bait and “Essss Okaaaaayyyying” her to death while she tried to sing Alanis Morisette’s “You Oughta Know” while wearing a Gloria Steinem crew neck and “OMG I WENT TO LAW SCHOOL AND AM TOUGH” hat.

Sara Circs: Considering defecting from this caveman blog.

Loser of the ep
Sara Circs: Clare’s French nails. All they wanted to do was get their weary bones back in their time machine and go home to 1996.

Evster: Once again, Circs, proving you have no clue about men. All those new colors that ladies are wearing -- the dark greys and the browns and the GEL JAWNS? -- ugh. French nails are hot and always have been. Marie Antoinette was a bonafide smoke dog and Julia Child is busted a.f.

ZWR: Totally disagree with Evan- I hate those French manicure thingies. They confuse me and look all square and crap. This new thing of short, black nails is much better.

For different reasons, I’m also picking Clare. No matter how you feel about her-- and this BACHCAP is proof of the polar differences in how people have taken last night’s ep-- she made THE SPLASH of the season. And now that she’s gone off to making diamonds out of charcoal in her butt, Nikki is stone cold lead pipe lock to win.


  1. Finally. I have been waiting for this since yesterday morning.

  2. WOW!

    (It's gonna be Nikki)

  3. Dudes, where is the Andi support? She's the best thing to happen to this show since Sharleen, who is the best thing to happen to this show since forever.

    I do agree that it was sort of hilarious that she thought she could dictate how he reacted, but I loved hearing that he's never even asked her about her own plans for children. Or her religion. The best part was where he asked her what his religion was, and when she told him he just stared off into space. Or when he pretended he didn't know how to say the word default. SO MANY GEMS HERE GUYS.

    Last night, this seez went from the biggest snoozefest Bach season to the best one ever. Someone finally called a Bachelor on his shit, and ABC couldn't edit around it.

    As usual, Sara Circs is the voice of reason in this misogynistic fuckfest.


      You know why he didn't ask her about her religion or her political views or why she was wearing those ridiculous shorts that no human being would ever wear? BECUZ SHE'S BORING AS SHIT.

      She came in trying to take the high road, trying to end it on peaceful terms, and when Juan Pabby was totally gracious and cool with it, SHE CHANGED HER TUNE AND WENT INTO SARACIRCS ATTACK-MODE.

      Good riddance, Andi! Once a DORFman, always a DORFman!

      Sorry, DorfWOMAN.

    2. Don't you have to admit that his response was a little shitty though. His "ees OK"s are totally condescending.

      And I'm surprised that someone hasn't mentioned the real reason things did a 180 immediately after the Fantasy Suite: SMALL PEEN.

      Dude's got a tiny dork, Andi knows it, I know it, and you know it.

    3. OMG why can't I made edits so that I can fix my grammatical errors?? This is KILLING ME.

    4. Yup, Tiny Package:

    5. Eeees okaaaay, Katie. What you theeenkin abouz?

    6. Let's make out, JP.

  4. FOR THE RECORD: I think JuanPabs is a scuzzbucket and an emptyhead. I said as much concerning the former claim after what he did to Clare in Vietnam, which was 10000000% wrong.

    I do, however, think it's funny that Andi is surprised/upset to have found a man with skewed views on relationships when she's a contestant on a reality show where a person dates 20 people simultaneously. There is no moral high ground available to that backdrop. She had no issue with his dating a host of people concurrently, halfway across the world from his child, but one night of not talking politics and religion (after a date that same day where she exhibited no apprehensions) was some mystical tipping point? It doesn't add up.

    1. You're right. There's no denying that anyone that would sign up for this circus of a show doesn't really have a leg to stand on when they try and criticize it. I'm not even going to try to make jokes here, or call you a misogynist again because now you hate me :( :( :(

      In all honesty, I guess all I want to say, is that I felt like there were a lot of missed opportunities to talk about what a DORFman JP is. I was actually sort of gobsmacked to learn that this show is as vapid as it appears.

      So basically, I'm the Andi in this sitch, telling you I don't like how you're responding to the situation. BOOM.

    2. Katie I don't hate you let's hug

  5. Twircs is 1000000000% correct, Andi was AWESOME (but sorry, I hated her lacy diaper). Sure, pretty much all of the bachelors ever have been scumbags, too, but most of them have been able to charm all of the ladies and even the audience to the end, until after the show is over and they break up and we read about how he was a jerk all along. It definitely says something about JuanPab's level of scumbagginess that he came into this season being WILDLY popular with both the ladies and the audience, and now TWO ladies have left (never happened before!) and I would have to think most of the audience thinks he's garbage, too. Anyway, back to Andi. This was an AMAZING break up because up until this point JuanPabs has been INEXCUSABLY treating all the women like toddlers, refusing to acknowledge that any of their feelings/thoughts are worth discussing, dismissing any important questions/concerns/accusations with "Eees Okay" or "Luke at me" or "don cry don cry." It's a problem because he doesn't care WHY they are upset/concerned, he just wants to brush it off and move on (and he doesn't even care enough to PRETEND to care for the sake of looking good on televison). And he has proven that, not only does that kind of behavior not fly, but you can't even charm your way through a season of the bachelor like that. NOT EVEN WITH THOSE ABS. Anyway, back to Andi. She did what Sharleen failed to do. She told him exactly why he's such a scumbag. ZWR, while I mostly agree with what you said, you failed to mention (probably because you are a male) that JuanPabs had EXACTLY the same emotional turnaround. He went from telling us how much he REALLY liked Andi to dismissing their relationship like it meant nothing to him at all. NOTHING. "Eeeees okay" is something you say in response to someone dropping your banana waffle cone on the ground, or spilling their soda on you, or any general mishaps involving food, it's NOT how you respond to a "serious" relationship coming to an end and Andi was so awesome for TELLING him that instead of just acting (like Sharleen did) like this was just her "not feeling it". Similarly, when Clare realized he was a complete jerk to her, she let him brush it off instead of making him admit that he was a total and complete d-bag for acting like it was her fault that he banged her in the ocean. Which brings me to my next point-

    Clare should clearly win this. I'm beginning to think she practiced her dramatic "pause to think in the middle of talking" bit because it's starting to look fake. She is in this to get as much out of the spotlight as possible, and she and JuanPabs are pretty much made for each other. She knows he is a jerk and let him brush it off and acted like it was nbd that he told her it was HER FAULT that he compromised his morals (which are clearly nonexistent) just so that she could stay on this show longer.

    Poor Nikki just looks kind of silly right now. She's clearly not a total moron, but she has yet to realize what a train wreck this has turned into. Also, I can't believe she didn't have a nip slip in that bikini top. Maybe they edited it out.

    1. If someone dropped my waffle cone on the ground I'd kick them square in the face!

      No but for serious thanks much for this. You made excellent points.

    2. Yes--thanks Corinne for saying all the things I wanted to, but couldn't because my brain doesn't work right.

  6. Yes yes yes yes yes yes Katie and Corinne. Yes.

    First, I will acknowledge the following:

    (a) Andi went on the show and that immediately puts her in a category of people that are very different from me and you and would probably be difficult for me to be friends with.

    (b) Andi's best approach was probably not, essentially, "I'm dumping you, now let's talk about why." I don't think that was what she really wanted. She wanted to talk about it, she wanted his response to her feelings and issues with him, she wanted to hear if he had an explanation or if he had any thoughts about any of it. But she started with, "This is not going to work," and in that sense, she couldn't really expect any kind of reaction that she would have liked.


    * So just because she's on the show and that makes her a weirdo or a freak or a famewhore or something we don't generally like/identify with, is that a reason to just stop talking about everything she has to say? If that were the case, WHY ARE WE EVEN TALKING ABOUT OR EVEN WATCHING THIS SHOW AT ALL? Every single person there chose to go on the show. If we can't believe that they are in this on some level for something real, however misguided that may be of them, then the whole thing loses it's point and I'm changing the channel to The Voice.

    * Regarding your point, ZWR, about "why now all of a sudden?" Well, why ever? I completely 100 percent (my percent key doesn't work) believe that Andi was swept up in this and into it and all of a sudden in the fantasy suite she was like...wait, what is going on here? That's how it happens, dude! You don't notice something until you notice it! Usually it happens AFTER "the final rose" but in this case, as Corinne pointed out, Juan Pablo couldn't fool two of the women for that long. You don't think if he chooses Nikki that she's gonna get to this point some time after the show ends? Of course she is. Clare I'm less sure about, and agree with Corinne that she is basically the Juan Pabs female equivalent and the two of them are a match made in hell. (TOTALLY noticed her dramatic mid-sentence pause too; also that head movement is nauseating also she's insane.) I do agree with Juan Pablo that she should have mentioned it IN the fantasy suite when she started to realize it, though I also think sometimes stuff needs processing. It seems a shame that they left the fantasy suite having to such wildly different feelings about it.

    * Evster, do I really need to respond to the "it's because she's boring as fuck" argument? I'm not gonna wait for your response; I know you don't take stuff as seriously and that's cool, that's cool (NOT COOL NOT COOL CALM DOWN CIRCS BE COOL OKAY IT'S COOL). But, c'mon. If she's boring as fuck, fine, but then don't be interested in her. Don't tell her she's one of your top three. Don't talk about how much you like her and how you're considering making her your child's stepmom.


      i ask myself that every week, because i actually feel stupider for watching it. for realz, i think i lose brain cells every moment that the show is on. and yet, you guys all yelling and making jokes about it every week kinda makes it all worthwhile.

    2. I know, if I'm being honest I always feel stupider for watching it too. BUT THE BLOGGING MUST GO ON.

  7. * What I liked about this whole event was that Andi realized this guy is a total bullshitter and she called him on it, exactly as Corinne said. I'm not saying Andi is perfect, I'm not saying she's great in a relationship, or that she went about this in all the right ways. I'm saying, yay, he sucks, she noticed, and she said it. She didn't complain about THE WAY THE SHOW IS RUN. She complained about HIM. A person she was supposedly trying to have a relationship with. That's what she's supposed to be doing. And when she said "it's not okay, stop saying it's okay," her point was, as I said before, "IT'S NOT OKAY WITH ME AND IT'S REALLY ANNOYING WHEN YOU SAY IT'S OKAY." Not, "you're not allowed to say 'it's okay,'" but rather, "saying 'it's okay' is getting you nowhere with me." Nor would it with me. I think we all know the feeling of being in a conversation with someone where you're trying to make them understand you and they're just not. It's frustrating and it sucks and she wanted him to understand her feelings and he was just basically saying he wasn't the least bit interested in doing so. That's a reasonable thing to be miffed at.

    * I don't think Andi was taking any moral high ground. I think she was saying, "I figured out I don't like this guy and he's a world class dipshit." It's upsetting when someone you like turns out to be someone you don't like. That's why she was upset.

    * Re: misogyny: aren't we all guilty of it now and then? I know I am. I have to have a talk with myself every day about not being misogynistic, and I truly mean that. I love all you guys but misogyny has a way of creeping into everything, and that's okay and the more we can be aware of it the better we can be about it. Is this preachy? I try not to be preachy. The main thing I wanted to say is that I think there is some misogyny going on a lot of the time AND I AM ABSOLUTELY GUILTY OF IT TOO. I grew up in this man's world just like we all did. Just because Andi may have had a more womanly reaction and Juan Pabs had a more male reaction doesn't make one better than the other. That said, Andi > Juan Pablo and you can all go eff yourselves.


  8. Sara Circs pal here...though my boyfriend and I watched the show together and had similar 'ok, come ON Andi, let it go and just get the hell outta there if you hate this retard so much' reactions to her conversation with Pabs, I can completely buy the Irritation with his flippancy and devil-may-care attitude (yeah, I said 'devil-may-care.' and yeah, maybe I DO think this is a Mae West movie). We have all wanted to admonish the person we just broke up with to try to NOT behave this way with other people in the future, which is partly what I think she was trying to do. And partly I think she was so fed up with his CONSTANT TOUCHING OF HER FACE (and everyone else's) as if she were an infant, that she just blew her fuse. However, posing the breakup first and the complaints after, expecting him to respond in any way but 'hm, ok, what I am supposed to do about it now?' is kinda silly, In my humble opinion.

  9. Twirks! Wow, what else is there to say?
    I absolutely agree, Andi should not have lead with "I'm leaving" and then wanted to talk. I do think she was taken aback by his "i couldn't care less" attitude. And I'm sure the producers were all pushing for more talking to draw out the drama as much as possible. Also, I didn't mention in my first comment that your explanation of what she meant by "it's not okay" is dead on. I'm not sure the male contributors to this blog got that point!
    Did anyone else pick up on the fact that JuanPabs went into all 3 dates with the assumption that each lady would say yes? He kept talking about how they would have "all night together" before he even asked them to stay all night! Like it's a foregone conclusion that no woman could resist an invitation from JuanPabs for an overnight date (ok maybe it is).

    Now that we have concluded that all the women contributing here are right and the men are wrong, we can start talking about why both Clare and Nikki end up crying in the finale (I think it's the SMALL PACKAGE!!!!).

    Is this the most actual show analysis this blog has ever seen?

    1. Agree that the producers probably encouraged the drawing out of the conversation. Thank you for pointing out my explanation of her meaning behind "it's not okay." AND yes I DID notice that he talked about the "overnights" like they were a sure thing. Probably definitely the most analysis this blog has ever seen.

    2. Hey I'm male and I'm right about everything! As I said on twitter, the most amazing mome of the show was when she was like, "you never asked me about religion and whatnot" and he was like, uh Ok what up with that. And I know it's editing but still, literally the second she started answering his eyes glazed over and he sat there staring off into the middle distance like, is she done yet? I actually lol'd.



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