Thursday, February 27, 2014

BWAHAHAHAHAHA Marlins President is First Person Voted Out on Survivor

A new season of Survivor debuted last night at 8 PM Eastern, and before 9 PM Eastern Marlins president David Samson was the first person voted off (among those who outlasted him are: ex-cheerleader, Miss Kentucky Teen USA, and male model). Samson kicked off his (very) brief stint on the the show by ostracizing himself from his strongest tribe-mate, created a fractured alliance, and then got completely blind-sided when said faulty alliance didn't at all adhere to his plan of voting out a woman named J'Tia at the first tribal council. Who'd have thunk it-- the Marlins failing?

Also, this couldn't have helped his cause:

At least Super Pumped Marlins Fan Guy is taking it in stride:

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